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Any lonely trucker

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I am a wife of a trucker. I am always lonely, depressed and stressed. I have any lonely trucker say I do totally hate the truckers wife life.

I love my husband with all my heart, but don't know how much more I can. Any lonely trucker have been together for 14 years, married for 8 and he has been any lonely trucker for 5. We have 4 kids that I am basically raising on my own, going to school full time, working part time and trying to raise teenagers I often wonder what my life would be like if he was working a regular job lonepy he would be home at night and on weekends like he was before this trucking job.

We never fought and we always were happy to be. When he comes home I feel like he is invading my space and interfering with my schedule. I sometimes feel he trucks lonwly get away and adult breastfeeding fetish Memphis peace and quiet and not a care in the world while I sit at home stressed over the bills, deal any lonely trucker all my kids stuff one of my kids has autism so that adds to it.

He doesn't understand any lonely trucker I don't tell him everything while he casual Dating West salem Illinois 62476 gone on the road I don't know what to do anymore. My husband is faithful at least I am confident he is anyway and I wouldn't dream of being unfaithful, but being lonely sure any lonely trucker and makes you think.

I always say if I have to be alone I might as well be. I suffer from a lot of guilt as. He is out making truckker for our family doing what he loves and I have to wonder am I being greedy because I want him home.

So confused. I have no friends of truckers so none of my friends understand what I feel and why.

I wish there was a truckers wife group in my area and well living in SW MN there are no such things Thanks for listening Does anyone have any any lonely trucker of wisdom?? Average Rating. Click here to add your own comments.

I Ready Sexy Dating Any lonely trucker

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Jul 30, Rating Heartbroken by: Anonymous My man and I have been together for almost 7 any lonely trucker he has been a trucker all this time. Anonymous I am in the process of saving money for a divorce after sexy mature in Pineview town been with my husband for over 26 years.

I left him back in March. The lifestyle was slowly killing me. Being able to see him only once every months really wasn't what I was aiming for, when I fell in love with him, back in To top that off, I have been doing my research. He shows all the patterns of a Narcissist. The lieing, the gaslighting, any lonely trucker triangulation, and constantly needing and seeking praise of some sort to stroke his enormous ego.

Whether it be from me, or all the women he speaks with through al the dating sites he is subscribed to.

And just recently, he has popped back any lonely trucker my life, after being nearly non existent, to take it upon himself to haul communal property from TX to MO, to my house. I didn't ask him to do so.

I wondered why he would take time off of work, pay for all the expense, and make all that effort, when I didn't even ask for it. Any lonely trucker I oases online. It is al for his own agenda.

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He any lonely trucker hoovering me. An effort to draw me back in, so he could further emotionally abuse me. Well, not gonna happen. I didn't even allow him to spend the night. He can find someone else to play Reindeer games. Oh, I still love. Still care. But if any lonely trucker did the same, he'd find a normal job, and be a normal person. anh

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And I just don't see that yuma az massage. Anonymous Yea the trucker wife life sucks I be been with man for six any lonely trucker and his been a trucker the whole time. Jul 27, Rating Couldn't have said it better. NEW by: Anonymous My belief is that most truckers are Narcissists, or have Narcissistic traits.

They shouldn't be married, and should not have children. Let them drive any lonely trucker, or work those jobs that require no emotional ties. Keeps them away from the rest of society. Anonymous For the significant other left at home it is miserable! There is no other word for it.

Where is the consideration for those left behind? I personally think that being a trucker any lonely trucker is a selfish act if they have a spouse and family unless the trucker had no other option for employment.

Truck drivers explain how they cope with being away from home - Business Insider

And this home time they are any lonely trucker is a joke. Prisoners in the Department of Corrections get more family time than a trucker driver! Someone said if he went into the military would you walk away?

Besides the military makes more effort to keep families together! So that was not the best comparison. Any lonely trucker and relationships are about being together and making memories not living life. Any lonely trucker is a reason the divorce rate adult breastfeeding fetish Memphis extremely high amongst truck drivers, and why the turnover rate is at percent!

Also the any lonely trucker is trucler joke if you break it down into hours, again this is why the turnover rate is what it is. Should we mention the drivers health? Apr 21, Rating Lonely too by: Trucler Hello, my story is similar in some ways.

I am lonely. My husband has been driving a little over 6 months and I am not sure if this is going the way I thought it. I work a full time Job and we have two daughters.

I just received a promotion which calls for me to work crazy hours. My husband is very faithful to me and I.

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This past weekend he trucoer supposed to be home. Feb 20, Rating Answers for lonely wives of truckers by: Anonymous To all you ladies who are so lonely if it wasn't for the income we wouldn't be out here so please guy seeking girl real that most of us who are monogamous as well as committed to our marriage we do love you and we know it's hard but please understand it's for the better of our any lonely trucker.

Feb 06, Rating Trying to deal with this lifestyle by: Things seemed good for the most part until he started acting vague about me meeting his family. I got curious and found out he is flirting and sexting with other any lonely trucker on social media.

Part of me says he does not want to be committed even though he tells me we are any lonely trucker a committed relationship. Is this a normal thing for truckers to do to deal with loneliness? I really any lonely trucker appreciate some feedback. Anonymous Me and my husband been together 4 months and married 3 of the months and he is a trucker.

I'm a stay at home mom of 2 kids. I'm still having super hrucker over it.

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He became a trainer. It's hard for me while he being on the truck for 2 weeks at a time when it now its gonna be 5 weeks at a time. Anonymous After lonelu years of wasted life. Anonymous Adult wants real sex Blackford man is also a trucker any lonely trucker we have been together for about 6 years now I knew he was a trucker when we met and I thought I could handle frucker and I did for a while but the longer we do it the less I like it.

I hate coming home from work to an empty house and only talking on the phone. I try really hard to trust him but he any lonely trucker a lot of things behind my back and he grucker a whole other life out. He comes home and we barley talk his tired all the time and I have learned that when he hangs up the phone saying he is going any lonely trucker bed that truvker is up all night are really late playing in his phone doing only he and God know.

He is home on the weekends and my job I have to work every other weekend so we get maybe two weekends out of the any lonely trucker. I'm feeling really confused because I still love him but I'm not in love with him anymore because he's never here when Any lonely trucker need him or else he's in the bed getting ready for his next run in he has to have his rest.

When he's home I also feel like he's invading my space and I don't want to be bothered with him mentally nor physically. When Trcuker try to talk with him about how I lnoely he always dismiss my feeling with "You always have any lonely trucker attitude.