Could the government be your best new customer?

Small businesses are constantly looking for their ideal client. Many hours are spent on pouring over demographics and psychographics, developing personas and devising ways to reach them with marketing, social media or advertising.

In the midst of that research, many small business owners can overlook an obvious client: the government. The U.S. government is the world’s largest buyer of products and services. According to Don Zavesky, government contracting specialist at the SBDC at UNF, federal executive agencies are expected to set-aside 23% of prime contracts for small businesses. They have specific contracting goals for women-owned businesses, small disadvantaged businesses, firms located in historically underutilized business zones, and service disabled veteran-owned businesses. Opportunities exist for both federal and state government contracts for products and services in many industries. By some counts, government contracts add up to more than $500 billion per year!

If you would like to explore becoming a government contractor, including how to obtain certain certifications, where to find requests for proposal and how to set your business up for success in this arena, the SBDC at UNF is offering classes in the summer and fall to get you started. Click here, then click on Government Contracting for details.