I Am Great at (Your Skill Here). I Think I Will Open a Business!

This sounds like a logical next step, doesn’t it?

A person is great at his skill, so he should automatically open a business around it. For example, if you are a great baker, you should open a bakery of your own. Before you start shopping for retail space and dreaming of frosting flavors, let’s explore this idea.

Being great at baking and owning a bakery are two totally separate things. Baking is a skill; a bakery is a business. Running a business requires skills far outside of the products or services that the business sells. There is financial planning, accounting, marketing, strategic planning, managing employees and vendors, finding and maintaining real estate, networking, production, advertising, social media…and you have not made one cupcake yet! Plus, how many cupcakes do you have to sell to pay all of your expenses and make a profit? And how much profit should you make on a cupcake, anyway?

I know what you’re thinking. You did start a business based on your special skill without fully planning out all of the above areas. Never fear! Now may be the perfect time to check out ScaleUp North Florida.

We specialize in helping small business owners grow to the next level, no matter how much (or little) business experience they started with.