The Application Process

The next step in qualifying for participation in ScaleUp North Florida is completion and submission of the online application. There is no charge to participate in the program or to apply.

The Selection Process

Once your application is submitted and your eligibility has been verified, the ScaleUp North Florida program director will contact you to schedule an in-person interview. The purpose of this interview will be to discuss your goals for participation in the program, your potential for growth and your commitment to full engagement in the program. As part of this assessment, you may be asked to provide financial statements, your business plan and other pertinent information. Any proprietary information provided will be kept in the strictest confidence.

The Acceptance Process

Once selected as a ScaleUp North Florida participant, you will be assigned to one of two Entrepreneurial Education classes. Each class will include up to 25 growth-minded business owners. An orientation session will be scheduled for all participants to meet the program instructors and your fellow participants.

The Commitment

Each selected participant will be expected to sign a Participant Engagement Agreement acknowledging the commitment required for program participation, including:

  • Attendance at 26 hours of Entrepreneurial Training and participation in ongoing support provided by professional instructors
  • Participation in an estimated two-hour Business Health Assessment resulting in creation of growth goals
  • Provision of financial statements, tax returns, strategic plan and other business documents as requested
  • Participation in recommended management assistance provided by resource partners and special programs


For answers to any of your questions regarding ScaleUp North Florida, Call (904) 265-0750 or Email

Acknowledge & Begin Application

I have read and understand the commitment required.
I want to proceed to the application.