ScaleUp Entrepreneurs Speak Out: Membership Has Its Privileges

The 2015 class of ScaleUp North Florida is made up of 37 dynamic small business owners who do everything from physical therapy to dog grooming, air conditioners to computer software and cupcakes to pickles. Their industries are varied, but what they have in common is their drive to succeed and their determination to grow. While everyone has a different approach to growth, they all benefit from six classes of entrepreneurial education, a business assessment and an action plan to help them achieve their individual business goals, along with a consultant from the Small Business Development Center at the University of North Florida to guide them through the growth process, and more opportunities through the year.

Rosalind Marshall Jones, owner of Jacksonville’s Best Caregivers, a home health agency in Jacksonville, speaks highly of her experience in the program so far.  “ScaleUp was a reality check for me as a business owner,” she said. “The classes made me take a personal assessment of myself to identify my strengths and weaknesses. They also gave me the resources to overcome my weaknesses and empowered me to become a better business owner.”

ScaleUp was recently featured on the Marketing Advisors Show on WOKV Radio to talk about the advantages of being involved in the program. Guests included ScaleUp Program Director Jennifer Marko, Dr. Joanna Frantz, owner of In Motion Physical Therapy and Gary DiStefano, owner of Rhino Pro Floors and Garage Living. This was a great opportunity for two ScaleUp entrepreneurs to share their personal experience with the program. Listen to the podcast to decide whether ScaleUp is a good fit for you. If you like what you hear, sign up for our email list, and we will notify you when we start accepting applications for the 2016 class!

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