ScaleUp North Florida

Cell Phones at Work: Protecting the Bottom line

As a business owner, you protect your company with liability insurance, workers’ compensation insurance and computer security. But do you have a cell phone policy? One employee’s bad distracted driving accident could tarnish your brand and harm your bottom line. Tempting Technology The latest dashboard technology and 24-7 connectivity make it tempting to conduct business […]

What is Corporate Culture Anyway?

Shaping corporate culture is a hot topic, especially when it comes to employee retention, but what is it? And how do you go about building it? More than just ping pong tables in the break room or company picnics, Corporate Culture is the way employees behave and share their thoughts about the company. The environment, […]

Is Your Business Investor-Ready?

As a business owner, you’ve done the hard part. You have a proven product or service, and you’ve operated the business now for some time. You’ve acquired great insights into the industry and significant experience with pricing. Now you are looking for sources of funding for significant growth, and attracting an investor might be the […]

Are You Ready to S-C-A-L-E Up? Strategize, Critique, Action, Leverage and Evaluate.

My company, HealthEconomics.Com, was one of 37 small businesses chosen to participate in the inaugural 2015 ScaleUp North Florida initiative. ScaleUp North Florida has made, and is continuing to make, a significant contribution to my company success, and I’d like to share some of these developments with you. HealthEconomics.Com has been in business for 7 […]

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