What is Corporate Culture Anyway?

Shaping corporate culture is a hot topic, especially when it comes to employee retention, but what is it? And how do you go about building it?

More than just ping pong tables in the break room or company picnics, Corporate Culture is the way employees behave and share their thoughts about the company. The environment, atmosphere, culture – whatever you want to call it – is just as important as the product your company creates or sells. It involves everyone, and it begins at the top.

Small changes in how managers act and react to situations will show employees where their focus is best suited and how to handle problems when they arise. These four key points can help as you shape your Company Culture:

Leadership Behavior – CEO’s often initiate changes then hand it off to someone else to implement, but the atmosphere of the company really does flow from the top. Begin and participate in rewards programs, employee feedback on how the company is progressing, wellness programs or company events. Set an example.

Responsibility – Encourage ownership of projects, of problems and of personal behavior. Employees who feel active in discussions and choices they are making for the company become champions for the team. When a person checks their personal habits and chooses what to change, this empowers their decision-making process. This could include accepting creative choices, delegating projects or just quitting bad habits like negative conversations or smoking.

Focus, Vision, Goals – Everyone has a goal, or ten, or the eternal “bucket list” of things they want to do. But what goals focus on workplace achievements or team project completions? Being able to see and share the “big picture” regarding company plans for the future enables everyone to know what the “big” goals are and how to pave the road ahead. Individuals should be able to see how their role in the company factors in to the “big picture” as well.

Passion – What is the real reason you do what you do every day? Do you share your enthusiasm with team members or employees? Do they think it’s silly, or do they share the same feelings? Look for energy and passion when hiring new team members. This will translate into leaders who evoke energy and passion from their employees.

Corporate Culture is how a company “feels” to others. Empowered employees who laugh and share how much they love their jobs are happy employees, and they are more likely to stay with a company that makes them feel good.

This post was submitted by Dynamic Corporate Solutions, Inc., a full-service Human Resources Management and Consulting firm and creator of The HR Toolkit®. www.dynamiccorp.com  904-278-5383